El Toro Zoo – A Fun and Learning Experience

A place that I always want to visit is a zoo, not because of myself, but because I know Kristoff will get one fun and learning experience there. He’s definitely in love with animals.

Our third trip at El Toro Zoo, La Castellana Negros Occidental was a great answer to our prayer. Much more to mine.

Although it’s quite sad that some of the animals we saw during our previous visits already died, it’s also thrilling to see new animals added to the collection.

We paid a total of 200 pesos, a hundred per head, for the entrance fee. Kristoff was exempted for his charm.

We were welcomed by a camera friendly cockatoo. Kristoff loves it while I am being nervous here. The bird tried to peck on my earrings so I took it off.

El Toro Zoo

The biggest thing that attracted us is the biggest animal in El Toro and we were lucky that he’s not immersing in the water during our visit. His name is Bong and he’s really huge and so far he’s the largest crocodile in Negros Occidental with 17 feet in length and just 20 years old. Remember Lolong? The world’s largest crocodile in captivity (before he died in February 10, 2013)? He was 20 feet and 3 inches long and aged 50 years old. That means, our Bong here will surpass the length of Lolong in due time!

largest crocodile in Negros

The next part that Kristoff won’t want to leave is the turtle pond. At first, he was afraid to touch it. But perhaps, after learning that it won’t bite, he wouldn’t want to stop touching it.

Turtleboy touching a turtle

Since Kristoff is so fond of snakes in photos and videos, we thought he would also love the sight of snakes for real. The enormous size of some snakes in El Toro frightened him. But there’s one kind, the small green ones that caught his fond attention.

different snakes

The large snakes can be taken out from their cell for a photo session with the guests, if the guests want to, for only 30 pesos. There’s only one snake exempted for this, the reticulated python, which is said to be dangerous. It is also recorded as the longest snake in the world with the length of 33 feet.

the longest snake in the world

Amongst the animals in El Toro, the one that captures me is the site of the fowls. They have a variety of birds and ducks. Here are two of my favorites!

colorful birds

black bird

They are a true beauty to behold.

There are also lots of species of fish. They have also added a pair of male and female lions and tigers. These are still young just over a year old and they’re hold inside their cages. They’re still in the process of taming and the zoo tour guide said they’re still raising funds to make these little carnivores their own comfortable home in the zoo.

El Toro is best for educational trips and family outing. You can call the numbers below for more information.

El Toro Zoo

La Castellana, Negros Occidental




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