5 Things Kids Will Love at Campuestohan Highland Resort, Talisay City

campuestohan highland resort

At long, long last! I’m able to post our experience when we visited Campuestohan Highland Resort last November. 🙂 It’s so long overdue, but then again, it’s better late than never.

From Hinoba-an, we rented a van, and it took us 4 hours to reach Bacolod. From Bacolod, we traveled for about 40 minutes more to reach our destination.

Campuestohan is a famous tourist destination in Negros Occidental located in Sitio Campuestohan, Brgy. Cabatangan, Talisay City. This 5-hectare property is owned by Mr. and Mrs. Cano Tan. You can read more about its history and details through their website (click here).

There wasn’t much sight along the way to Campuestohan except for the hectares of sugar cane farm and roads under construction. The thrill came when we entered the sitio and marveled how the “million flowers” and sunflowers grow so abundantly beside the road and in the residents’ own yards.

We so love plants and flowers that this already was one of the things we love with our trip.

But the thrill and excitement doubled, or say tripled, when we reached the entrance to the resort itself. At the gate, someone asked us for the individual entrance fee which cost 150 pesos each. Since we planned to only stay for a day (no overnight), we just rented a small cottage to house our belongings and for a place for us to eat our packed lunch. See their rates here.


Everything was just amazing for us, but the more who enjoyed were our kids, and so I’ll write down things that kids will enjoy and love at Campuestohan Highland Resort as I saw our own kids enjoyed.

1. Sight-seeing and picture-taking of life-size movie characters, superheroes and animals.


Their (and ours too) eyes feasted on the beautiful sight. Campuestohan has a collection of superhero statues including Batman, Incredible Hulk, Spiderman and more! Kingkong and the gang of Kung Fu Panda were there too. Still there’s more that this blog can never handle to tell all.

604176_614656008646080_8722865990817551101_n2. Swimming.


Even the temperature was cold and it was foggy at the time we went, kids never let go of the chance to go swimming. They enjoyed, yes, even though they were shivering.

Swimming at the pool is inclusive in the 150-peso entrance fee.

3. Horseback-riding.


It’s only one of my nieces who went horseback-riding, and she enjoyed it much. Kristoff also wanted it so much, but his pregnant mommy couldn’t grant his request. This feature is for 150 pesos per person.

4. Playing at the playground.

10269373_614655228646158_4868055142184944039_nThe wide playground is a sure hit for kids. No need to elaborate more. Playground means play, and play means fun!

1509980_614659015312446_8725747367014024840_nThis is also included in the entrance fee.

5. Riding on the mini train.

1625610_614659291979085_3214195140251262108_nYes! Everyone was dying to ask us to ride this mini train. This is for 20 pesos/person, and they can already ride as much as they want until they get dizzy, heheh.

Overall for us, Campuestohan Highland Resort is a great place for families to bond, enjoy and relax together.

PS: This post was originally posted on my now-deleted first travel blog: http://www.roadsandstories.blogspot.com


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