Pinoy Kakanins and More at Quan Delicacies

The week we stayed in Bacolod was lonely for me. I missed my preschooler terribly as this was the first time we separated for this long. So perhaps my loneliness was diverted to food, and our (my sister and me) stay was a little kind of food trippin’ before my CS day.

One food establishment that I couldn’t let pass is Quan. Since my college friend introduced me to its food, I couldn’t just forget how its napoleones tasted. It has become a favorite since then. So revisiting one Quan is truly a reunion with my college taste buds and Bacolod’s finest.

I came back for napoleones, but then tried their silvannas when we saw it displayed.

For me, their napoleones still tastes awesome. Their, silvannas, however, was quite not the way she expected compared to that of Dumaguete’s. It’s my first time to taste a silvanna, so it was okay, but it makes me curious how Dumaguete’s silvannas will taste like. Per my sister’s comment, I bet it’s even better and heavenly.

Moving forward, Quan houses a variety of Pinoy kakanins and other delicacies.

I also settled myself with suman pandan and ube pudding below.

We couldn’t get ourselves full with only kakanins, so we ordered something heavy.

I can say, their dinuguan is a must-taste especially paired with their puto.

Their lasagna looks so delish, but maybe I was already too full after eating dinuguan that I couldn’t appreciate its taste very much.

This is what my sister got, and she said the taste was just so-so.

But looking again at the photos above, I cannot discriminate which one’s just so-so or a must-taste — everything just looks so yummy. I’m so hungry! šŸ˜€

Overall, what I loved tasting again was their napoleones and dinuguan as well as their other kakanins (try their cassava cake, which can be customized by having add-ons/toppings of your choice for an additional charge). And I’m glad I’m able to share this Bacolod food haven.

If you want to know more about Quan, check out their Facebook page. We visited their La Salle Avenue Branch in Bacolod City as it was the most accessible to us, but they also have other branches around the city and in Metro Manila.



  1. I love Napoleones too but I haven’t tried Quan. So far I’ve tried Napoleones in Pendy’s and Merci.

  2. I miss Quan delicacies! Its been years since I left Bacolod. I used to eat them at Lopue’s San Sebastian food court. ^_^

  3. So yummy! I’m like drooling right now, perfect for merienda time- That napoleones looks amazingly good.. kakamiss lahat ng food.

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