Better Than Chicken: Oyster at Manokan Country

Bacolod City is famous for its tasty chicken barbecue, and everywhere, yes almost, in the city you can find food stalls selling barbecue especially in the afternoon till night. It’s no wonder that Manokan Country has been established since I don’t know when, but it has been there long before I moved to Bacolod for college in 2004.

But although I spent 4 years in Bacolod City for my college education, I had not frequented myself in restaurants, because I didn’t have sufficient money to indulge myself, and I didn’t also have much idea about where to go. I was only able to visit Manokan Country three times in the past, the second latest was only before I gave birth. It was then that I tasted their oyster, the best so far!

Manokan is a Hiligaynon term that is translated “chicken farm,” and Manokan Country is what Bacolenos call an array of restaurants at the Reclamation area (now in front of SM Bacolod North Wing), serving chicken barbecue and oyster.

Fast forward to the present, now with a preschooler and infant, and with my husband, I feel it wouldn’t hurt to visit Manokan Country. After all, we seldom eat out or go to the city.

When Mark asked me where we’re going to have dinner two weeks ago when we went to Bacolod, I told him that I wanted to eat oyster in Manokan Country. He was hesitant because he had not yet tried eating there, but then he gave it a go.

I ordered three chicken barbecue, 2 servings of oysters and 4 cups of rice for us.


We did have a strong appetite especially that we were tired and really hungry from roaming around downtown. I couldn’t stop myself from grinning when Mark ordered another serving of oyster and more rice. Even when I was already full and had to stop, Mark was still eating more.

We both knew he loved these oysters — fat, delicious, mouth watering especially with warm steamed rice!

oyster at manokan country

So, although it’s Manokan Country, we loved their oysters even more, but the chicken isn’t bad either.

manokan country

We dined at the first restaurant. A serving of oysters is 50, chicken barbecue (thigh) is 70 or 75 and the rice is 15 or 20. I am really sorry, I have badly forgotten the exact price of the chicken barbecue and rice since it was Mark who paid. Okay, maybe I can do better next time.

Here’s me and Liam, breastfeeding and doing good, while Kuya Top is much absorbed with what he’s watching on TV.



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