At Totong — A Day with New Things

The life that I want for my kids to have is one that is lived to the fullest. We may not be rich with material things, but they can be enriched with experiences that can build their character and enable them to face life with a positive perspective.

Given that goal, and with the summer season, we’ve found ways for the kids to enjoy the summer without spending too much. We want to explore the local beaches with the kids in tow.

Last Saturday, we went to one local beach, Totong. For 50 pesos, we were able to rent their bamboo table with bench. We were the only group at the place, so even we rented only one, we were free to sit on the other two as well.

An elderly couple resides at the place to take care and maintain it. Rental fees also go to them serving as the payment of the beach owner for them to man the place.


The cool sea breeze was perfect to combat the summer heat. It was relaxing, even though I couldn’t sleep because I had Liam in my arms.

We made a little hammock for him, from the fine fish net we brought (this one we used for Kristoff’s hammock when he was a baby) and the rope that the elderly woman lent us.

hammockBut the little one was not comfortable as he isn’t used to it, unlike his big bro. So we took turns in carrying him.

Meanwhile, the kids found something to do to entertain them while waiting for lunch.

Playing in the sand is sure fun for them.

Playing in the sand.

Burying Batman too.

beach sand

And this is called tree climbing and posing.


Lunch came, and we shared what we brought — oysters, a lot of them, which Mark bought from Hinigaran; fried chicken and rice. We shared it to the elderly couple and a mentally unwell woman who was free roaming on the area. I ate later than them since I had to hold Liam. When that woman finished hers, in which she ate on the other part of the beach, she went back to us and asked for more. We had a lot of oysters, but the chicken was just enough, given that our extra were already given to her and the elderly couple. So there was one, really one, fried chicken left on the plastic ware on the table. Mommy thought I wasn’t yet able to get my viand (but yes, before they ate, I already set aside one fried chicken, hehe), and that one fried chicken was left for me. We were just a little shocked when she suddenly took the one left and dipped it to the prepared sawsawan.

Yes, we were caught off guard with that. But, it’s fine for a piece of fried chicken. Shocking lang.

So then, the kids went off to swim even though the sun is high, and they didn’t have sunblock. We don’t have one yet.

By and by, three boats came to the shore with their catch. Seeing these fishermen made me appreciate their hard work. Some of them were wearing leotard because they needed to swim in the water, thus to protect them from jellyfish.



We have a fishing boat too, but really, I wasn’t into it. I don’t know how to manage that kind of business. But this makes me appreciate the sea — its bounty and the labor fishermen do.

Anyhow, everyone returned home with new things — not tangible, but things that can be added to our memory bank.

Summer has just started.



  1. This is also what I want My Little Kulit to experience to have a simple life, just to have a simple beach getaway and food

    1. That’s right. Simple pleasures in life need not to be expensive.

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