Hinoba-an Agro-Aqua Trade Fair 2015

This past April 20-25, 2015, our town held its annual festival, and as usual, as part of this activity, different barangays in town participated in the Agro-Aqua Trade Fair.

The truth is, this only, plus the ukay-ukay, are the things I had the privilege to enjoy during the fiesta, being a mom with a breastfeeding infant. During the first day, we brought Liam with us, but they stayed inside our barangay’s booth, while I and Kristoff sneaked a little time roaming the street full of agricultural and aquatic products displayed in different booths, each owned by each barangay.

If I enjoy window shopping in the city, I also enjoy looking at the different agro-aqua products from our humble town.

Agro Aqua Trade

All this bounty that can be found in our town makes me appreciate the rural life even more!

And as people were busy checking out the products, the loud music was playing in the background:

Pangabuhi sa uma indi ko gd pag ibaylo. (I will surely never exchange the life in the farm.)

Life here is simple. Everything you need for a simple life is found right here.

agro aqua fair

The top left photo is, of course, my son. The top right is one of the booths, which its roof was made out of anahaw leaves shaped like an eagle. The bottom left photo is that of the Department of Agriculture, and they’re selling some herbs and spices, like peppermint and scapes, for 20 pesos per plant. They also sell vegetable plants like eggplants. The bottom right caught my attention because of these very big ubes or purple yam. It’s not always that I get to see purple yam. It’s getting rarer here in town. Thanks to the trade fair for this chance anyway!

Kristoff saw this piece of a big root of a tree na pinaganda at pwede nang idisplay at home or anywhere na pwede. He loved it and requested me to take his picture sitting here.

agro aqua trade fair2

These plants and flowers were also very enticing.

agro aqua

agro aqua trade fair

Aren’t they?

I just felt alive seeing all these things that my kasimanwas (town mates) had toiled for. These hardworking people are an inspiration.

Perhaps next year you would love to visit our town at this time of the year? You’re welcome to see what beautiful town — culture, people and products — we can offer our tourist visitors.



  1. Looking at those produce made me miss the province!

  2. Those plants are nice. Are they expensive? I am actually looking for aloe vera to plant in my small entry area.

  3. Nice to be in touch with nature. so many different produce to try out.

  4. Looking at your photos, I remember the BIDANI that’s being held at our university. Parang ganyan din theme, mga native products, fruits, plants. Nakakamissed 😦

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