A Taste of Nature at Sipalay Tower (Perth Paradise Resort)

Sipalay City houses a line of beach resorts on its coast, which have now become famous not only in the Philippines but also abroad. These beaches are truly nature’s gem, perfect for people who want to break away from the busy life in the city, those who’d like to spend “soul searching” or those who are seeking for sports adventure or just be close to nature.

One unplanned morning, Mark and I decided to go to the infamous Perth Paradise Resort, one of the beaches in Sipalay City. Without prior reservation, with a preschooler, a baby in my arms, Manang D (our help, thankfully), some clothes and eating utensils and the will to experience the so-called paradise, we rode a Ceres bus from Hinoba-an to Sipalay. It took us around 45 minutes to reach the city proper. We got off the bus in between Sipalay Suites and their public market. Getting off the bus, you can see on your left side a terminal of tricycles heading Hinoba-an, but they can also be asked to have a special trip wherever you want, as long as you and the driver agree on a fair price.

For 200 pesos for the five of us, consisting of three adults and two kids, we rode on this tricycle to Perth. But before that, Mark bought steamed rice, pork, squid, some spices, and charcoal for grilling at their wet market. It’s just easy to find, so there’s no problem there.

It took us a rough estimate of 15-25 minutes of tricycle ride before reaching Perth. On the road, the driver was conversant about the beauty of the beaches here in Sipalay. I also saw some tarps with “Perfect General Ambiance — Sipalay Tower” written on it. It’s actually my first to see this poster and to know about Sipalay Tower. I thought it’s a newly opened beach resort and was actually surprised that the driver brought us there and insisted that this is Perth Paradise Resort. Later, I learned that this beach resort has a new owner, and it has been renamed as Sipalay Tower. So manong driver was right!

And besides, when we arrived, the view that welcomed us was as very fascinating as what I saw online and made me believe that this really is Perth Paradise with a different name.

After talking to their manager about the rates and the services we wanted to avail, we then headed to the pool area and where cottages are. We needed to climb I-don’t-know-how-many steps, but it was enough to make you dead tired when you arrive there. And also enough for you to exclaim “It’s tiring!” and “I think I won’t come back here anymore!”

I’m not kidding.

However, when you face the view — right in front of you are several islets covered with dense greenery and a lagoon which bottom is covered with green sea grass — you’d think it’s truly worth burning a few calories climbing.

Perth Paradise or Sipalay Tower

We chose our cottage, but we were disappointed of how their cottages look for 500-peso worth. We expected these to be a hut where we can relax our backs and put down our baby, that it would be wide enough for us, just like in Tinagong Dagat. But it was far from our expectations. It didn’t even protected us from rain.

Sipalay Tower cottages

However, if you’re going to stay overnight, thus needing a room, you won’t have this problem.

rooms in Sipalay Tower

Moving on, Mark then went downstairs on the other side to grill the pork and squid, while we waited hungrily in our cottage and while our Kristoff has found something to entertain himself.

He asked Manang D to take his pictures at different angles with the kangaroo statue.

Kangaroo statue

It rained a little and I felt some guilt and pity to my husband who was grilling outdoors. Good thing that at long last, the rain stopped and our viand for lunch was cooked to feed all our starving stomachs.

grilled pork and squid

After sharing this food kamayan style and resting a little, the two — Mark and Kristoff — took their shower and hit the pool.

Sipalay Tower

I do envy them for they were able to bathe literally in nature (that’s what I am thinking, swimming in the pool with nature all around). But as for now, I have to make myself contented of lusting my eyes with nature, this very beautiful sight of nature and the wonder of God’s creation.


Some of our expenses and resort rates that can help you plan your visit in Sipalay Tower:

Bus ride from Hinoba-an to Sipalay — 30

From Sipalay proper to Sipalay Tower via tricycle — 80/pax or 200 for five of us instead of 240 (It was the driver’s decision, but we would have haggled too.)

Entrance — 100/pax (300 in total)

Cottage — 500

Swimming pool — 100/pax (Small kids are free.)

Service charge for food delivery from their bistro (down) to the pool/cottage area, if you’re ordering from them — 50

Our own-brought food — 500

For detailed information on rates and services, please see the contact information below.

Sipalay Tower is located in Brgy. 4 Sitio Sambulawan, Sipalay City, Negros Occidental, and owned by Mr. Paul Acha. Contact through mobile 0917-378-4316.



  1. leybainpublic · · Reply

    This is a truly wonderful place to stay for a while. Nature’s wonder indeed. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  2. Wow paradise! What a wonderful place to stay at mukhang hindi crowded. Mukhang worth it naman ang akyat pero kung gusto maligo sa dagat hmmm…mukhang nakakapagod nga hehe 😀

  3. Elizabeth O. · · Reply

    I’ve never heard of Sipalay before. It’s a real beauty and I would love to visit some day.

  4. That place was really nice, I like the view but I think they need to improve the cottage.

  5. Such a nice pool!!! Want to get dipped dun while the nature is all around. The view is worth millions.:)

  6. I thought you are referring to a place in Australia. I assume because I saw Perth in your title. Anyway, is this near Bacolod? I might visit there this week kasi.



    1. It was actually named after a place in in Australia because the first owner was a foreigner. It’s 4-5 hours south of Bacolod.

  7. yolomoments12 · · Reply

    The view is so breathtaking. I would love to visit there soon. Followed your blog. 🙂

  8. I, too, have never heard of Sipalay before. I would assume that the entrance fee covers swimming already. 🙂

  9. I would love to swim at that beautiful lagoon, pwede ba yun? I’m not great at places with steps, napapagod ako agad. hehe

  10. That’s a really laid back place to have a retreat. Calm and serene.

  11. From its name, it really looks paradise. We are having an outing this month and I am excited about it.

  12. My friend and I are visiting Bacolod this September. Are there resorts near the city?

    1. Hi, Kat.

      Sipalay City is around 5 hours travel by Ceres bus or 4 hours by taxi from Bacolod. It’s in the southern part of Negros.

  13. mayen · · Reply

    I love the place. You are right, the place is so great. Sweet of your husband to cook for you. 🙂


  14. leybainpublic · · Reply

    Grilled squid! Oh my! Sarap!

  15. Little paradise for sure! at sarap ng grilled pusit and pork, drooling! The view is spectacular and so relaxing. Thanks for sharing Sis.

  16. Looks like you had a great time at Sipalay Tower!

  17. Thank you for sharing the deets about the resort. This post would come in handy when someone is visiting Perth Paradise.

  18. I think I’m the only person in the country who didn’t went out this summer! I am so jelly with those grilled pusit!

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