Time Management + Believing in Yourself

The reason why at long, long last I am putting a new post on the blog right now is I do have some free time to let myself indulge in reflecting over the past week. This “free time” is so much valuable to me as I actually feel free and happy that I have it now.

For so long, I was struggling with time management and organizing my life. I always felt time isn’t enough for me to handle all my to-dos and responsibilities. I would always skip church just to the things I need to finish before the week ends. And I thought the situation was incurable…

….Until last week. I got so tired of the whole cycle of mismanaging my schedule, looking at my disorganized desk and our bedroom (where my work desk is) and knowing that my kids don’t get the best of me because although I am physically present, my mind wandered off to stuff I needed to do. Because I knew this is not the kind of life I was thinking when I ventured into working from home — a thing that I should have realized early on — I decided to make a change.

I decided to believe that I am an expert in time management. I decided to believe that I can do it. That postponing things can do me no good. That I am organized. And being that is a key to a happy life.

So, yes, I did. Cheers!


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Last week was the first week that I proved that I can do it. I didn’t do it to please anyone else, but to prove to myself that change is possible and that I can be an example. Yes, I finished my work Saturday morning and claimed my weekend for rest, time for the kids (as in being fully present, mind, heart and body), and time to fellowship with the church and my family.

I am blessed and really feel rejuvenated and ready to take on another week of work.

Lesson #1:

Believe in yourself that you can. How to believe in yourself? Click it. It’s a good article. But for me, one day I just decided that I am so over time mismanagement and believed that I can do it too because I know others can, and they show me it’s possible. Then I focus on the thing that I want to happen, and that is be able to finish my work on Saturday morning and have lots of free time during the weekend.

Lesson # 2

Time management is one of the keys to a happy life. Yeah! Say amen if you agree! Because I was able to manage my time accordingly during the weekdays, I was able to have more cuddling time with my sons. We played longer, and we laughed harder, because my attention was only for them. My mind didn’t wander off to anything else. We also went early to church and fed my spiritual hunger. In my personal experience, yes, time management means you get to have time for every aspect of your life that needs nurturing, and you get to share yourself to the ones you love. It is the answer to the work-life balance that we are all craving for!

Now the challenge is for me to keep it up!

Until we can manage time, we can manage nothing else.

— Peter F. Drucker


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