Thank you for dropping by at my cyber haven. I’m Kristine, and I’m glad you’re here.

I’m a wife and mom to two boys — the older is a preschooler and the other one an infant as of this writing. You’ll see them here most of the time as I also write about the life of a mom with boys as kids.

I am a believer of dreams and life, and I am off to living it. I believe you have a dream when you were a child. I did too. When I got married and started having kids, my dreams pre-marriage were put on hold, and some of them just got evolved — into something more serious, hmmn…perhaps more noble.

In 3 years time, I will be turning 30, and the mere thought of it gives me goosebumps. Good or bad, I don’t know. But one thing I realize, (if God wills) I am already halfway to my whole lifetime. One lifetime is enough, I guess, to live it right. And maybe we’re only given one life for us to make the most out of it, to live it to the fullest each and  every moment of it.

Then I remembered those dreams I put aside. I thought achieving them could mean everything to me. But now that I have precious people depending on me, I have changed, so are my dreams.

I dreamed of too much wealth (so you know now), but now I want enough and a little extra for me and my family and more of love in our midst. And to live a life of purpose is the best dream one can ever have.

So this blog is really all about it. Chasing and living the dream. And finding balance between them.

I believe I’m still CHASING my dream because there is still a longing in my heart to do something great. It’s something that I think is my purpose aside from being a mother. And I also believe I am already LIVING the dream. The life of one happy woman in the arms of a loving husband. The life of a mother so important to nurture two other lives. And an individual who works to experience more of what the world has to offer.


Why not just read on my posts! You’ll find me writing about our exploration of food and places. You can learn a thing or two with our short trips or even from my simple kitchen experiments. Maybe you can also get some wisdom from my parenting and life journey.

But why the title Chasing the Moon?

It was one moment with my first son actually. One morning after waking up, he just blurted out that he wants to go to the moon. He must have really believed that the cow jumped over the moon. Too much of nursery rhymes, okay.

But well, that’s some kind of an innocent dream of a child, a pure dream. We all have those kinds of hopes when we were kids, when we still believed so much that our wishes would come true.

It pretty much reflects what this blog is all about. Hence the name, Chasing the Moon.

But really literally huh, who knows someday my son could go the moon? Let’s see!

So journey with me and our family of four, as we go on with life dreaming, all while appreciating all that we have.


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