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A Taste of Nature at Sipalay Tower (Perth Paradise Resort)

Sipalay City houses a line of beach resorts on its coast, which have now become famous not only in the Philippines but also abroad. These beaches are truly nature’s gem, perfect for people who want to break away from the busy life in the city, those who’d like to spend “soul searching” or those who are seeking for […]

Hinoba-an Agro-Aqua Trade Fair 2015

This past April 20-25, 2015, our town held its annual festival, and as usual, as part of this activity, different barangays in town participated in the Agro-Aqua Trade Fair. The truth is, this only, plus the ukay-ukay, are the things I had the privilege to enjoy during the fiesta, being a mom with a breastfeeding […]

At Totong — A Day with New Things

The life that I want for my kids to have is one that is lived to the fullest. We may not be rich with material things, but they can be enriched with experiences that can build their character and enable them to face life with a positive perspective. Given that goal, and with the summer […]

5 Things Kids Will Love at Campuestohan Highland Resort, Talisay City

At long, long last! I’m able to post our experience when we visited Campuestohan Highland Resort last November. 🙂 It’s so long overdue, but then again, it’s better late than never. From Hinoba-an, we rented a van, and it took us 4 hours to reach Bacolod. From Bacolod, we traveled for about 40 minutes more […]