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Chocolate Chip Cookies — Yes, they’re fat and chewy!

The recipe that I’m gonna share with you today is taken from I was searching for another chocolate chip cookie recipe, and lo and behold! It appeared in Google as the best, big, fat, chewy chocolate chip cookie. I got intrigued by that name.¬†Who wouldn’t? Cookie lovers would definitely get enticed by that! I […]

Better Than Chicken: Oyster at Manokan Country

Bacolod City is famous for its tasty chicken barbecue, and everywhere, yes almost, in the city you can find food stalls selling barbecue especially in the afternoon till night. It’s no wonder that Manokan Country has been established since I don’t know when, but it has been there long before I moved to Bacolod for […]

Pinoy Kakanins and More at Quan Delicacies

The week we stayed in Bacolod was lonely for me. I missed my preschooler terribly as this was the first time we separated for this long. So perhaps my loneliness was diverted to food, and our (my sister and me) stay was a little kind of food trippin’ before my CS day. One food establishment […]