Bacolod City is famous for its tasty chicken barbecue, and everywhere, yes almost, in the city you can find food stalls selling barbecue especially in the afternoon till night. It’s no wonder that Manokan Country has been established since I don’t know when, but it has been there long before I moved to Bacolod for […]

People close to me and those who read my post about my first son’s birth story know how I fear CS, how I panicked just before the doctors were going to do me and how I was traumatized by the experience and vowed to do my best by all means to prevent another CS and […]

The week we stayed in Bacolod was lonely for me. I missed my preschooler terribly as this was the first time we separated for this long. So perhaps my loneliness was diverted to food, and our (my sister and me) stay was a little kind of food trippin’ before my CS day. One food establishment […]

At long, long last! I’m able to post our experience when we visited Campuestohan Highland Resort last November. 🙂 It’s so long overdue, but then again, it’s better late than never. From Hinoba-an, we rented a van, and it took us 4 hours to reach Bacolod. From Bacolod, we traveled for about 40 minutes more […]

A place that I always want to visit is a zoo, not because of myself, but because I know Kristoff will get one fun and learning experience there. He’s definitely in love with animals. Our third trip at El Toro Zoo, La Castellana Negros Occidental was a great answer to our prayer. Much more to […]